[CHI LBW 2019] A Thematic Analysis of Conversational Agents in Multi-Device Collaboration Contexts

Dec. 2018 – Feb. 2019
In collaboration with Jincheul Jang, Younghyun Hong, and Prof. Mun Yi

  • Investigated the role of smart speakers in multi-device collaboration context by interviewing heavy users of smart speakers connected with multiple IoT devices.
  • The key finding from this study is that although people generally use the agents for performing multiple tasks, the social role of agents as a ‘companion’ can be also crucial. I also learned that system transparency plays a critical role for users especially in the context of IoT and chatbot.
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[CSCW 2018] Understanding Sticker Misinterpretation in Instant Messaging

Sep. 2017 – Sep. 2018
In collaboration with Jongwon Kim, Sangkeun Park (best mentor!), Prof. Mun Yi, and Prof. Uichin Lee
In extension of Human-Computer Interaction project 

  • Investigated misinterpretation of stickers in instant messenger with survey and interviews and derived design implications.
  • Yoonjeong Cha, Jongwon Kim, Sangkeun Park, Mun Yong Yi, and Uichin Lee. 2018. Complex and Ambiguous: Understanding Sticker Misinterpretations in Instant Messaging. In Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 2, CSCW, Article 30 (November 2018). ACM, New York, NY. 22 pages.
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[UIST 2018 Adjunct] Human Perception of Shared Information for Collaboration in AR

Mar. 2018 – Oct. 2018
In collaboration with Sungu Nam, Prof. Mun Yi, and Prof. Woontack Woo
In extension of 3D interaction class project

  • Investigated user satisfaction on shared gaze and manipulation status for collaboration in AR applying attention theories.
  • Conducted user experiments with a system that connects multiple HoloLens and Android app using Unity.
  • Yoonjeong Cha, Sungu Nam, Mun Yong Yi, Jaeseung Jeong, and Woontack Woo. 2018. Augmented Collaboration in Shared Space Design with Shared Attention and Manipulation. In The 31st Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology Adjunct Proceedings (UIST ’18 Adjunct). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 13-15.
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[HCIK 2018] Understanding the Usage Scenarios of Smart Speakers in Smart Homes

Mar. 2017 – Dec. 2017
With 2 lab members
Funded by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

  • Analyzed usage scenarios of AI speakers that connect to multiple IoT sensors/devices by interviewing AI speaker users.
  • Younghyun Hong, YoonJeong Cha, Jincheul Jang, and Mun Yong Yi. (2018). Smart Home System Interaction Scenario Guideline where Devices and Services Collaborate. Proceedings of HCI Korea, 560-565.
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[KMSK 2015] Twitter Data Analysis using Topic Modeling Approach

Jan. 2015 – Jun. 2015
With Jeehye Lee, Jeeeun Choi, and Prof. Heewoong Kim
During Undergraduate Research Intern in Digital Service Lab
Best Paper Award in Knowledge Management Society of Korea 2015 

  • Analyzed over one million Twitter data regarding Apple & Samsung smartphones using topic modeling approach.
  • Yoon Jeong Cha, Jee Hye Lee, Jee Eun Choi, and Hee Woong Kim. (2015). A Topic Modeling Approach to Marketing Strategies for Smartphone Companies. Journal of Knowledge Management Research, 16(4), 69-87.
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[SK Telecom] Big Data Analysis Competition using QGIS and SPSS

Dec. 2014 – Apr. 2015
With Jane Im
In a big data competition organized by SK Telecom (Leading Telco company in South Korea)
Winning team with excellence prize (3rd among over 300 teams)

  • Analyzed GPS, card sales, and social data from card corporation and telco company with clustering, market basket analysis using QGIS, SPSS programs.
  • Based on the insights, proposed a new business ‘F2Camp’ and awarded with 3rd prize among over 300 teams.
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[LINE Messenger] Australia User Research on Mobile Messengers and Stickers

Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
Jun. 2014 – Aug. 2014
With Namho Hong, Semo Ku, and Hani Chang
Organized and funded by LINE messenger and Yonsei Univ. 
Winning team of the uGET competition

  • Planned and executed FGIs to more than 100 prospective users in Australia in English for a month.
  • Derived personas of Australian users and established market penetration strategies.
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[Global Research Competition] Visits to Innovative Companies in Silicon Valley

Jun. 2013 – Aug. 2013
With Jooyeon Lee
Winning Team of the Global Research Competition 
Funded by Yonsei Univ.

  • Proposed a research on investigating innovative factors of Silicon Valley and was selected as a final team for funding.
  • Visited and interviewed UX designers and programmers who work in Apple, Google, Pixar, IDEO, etc. and published a booklet.
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